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In the Loop, Epilogue

Day 7: Alex I awoke to a finger of shadow and smoke picking my nose. Immediately, I shot bolt upright, disintegrating the shadow-finger. I was inside one of the cabins in the Slant. Snow was still gently falling from the ceiling. Zane was leaning on the wall opposite me, scrolling through my computer and hummingContinue reading “In the Loop, Epilogue”

In the Loop, Chapter 7

Day 6, cont Alex My grandmother loved cigarettes. She’d grown up before the War on Drugs, so she didn’t have the benefit of an army of videos and teachers telling us to never drink underage, always resist peer pressure, and by God, if that man has a trench coat and is standing in an alleyway,Continue reading “In the Loop, Chapter 7”

In the Loop, Chapter 6

Day 6 Lilian Crickets were sort of impossible right now. The northern winter scared leaves from trees, birds from skies, and humans from outdoors. Unless crickets had some mojo that neither natural gifts nor mortal ingenuity could match, Lilian strongly suspected that any crickets crazy enough to hang out in a foot of snow wouldContinue reading “In the Loop, Chapter 6”

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